What is Yin Yoga?

Yin is a quiet, slow & deep practise, suitable for everyone, whether you’ve practised yoga before or not.  We use long-held relaxed postures – mostly floor based – (and often lots of props such as blocks, blankets and bolsters) to strengthen stimulate and revive the deep, connective tissues of the body; allowing energy (or chi) to flow more freely. As we mindfully relax into and hold each pose, we learn how to be still & release deep held tension in the body. After a yin practise expect to feel balanced, more open, with a deep sense of ease & clarity.

Self-care in your own hands

In this fast-paced world, Yin gives you permission to slow down, a time to press the pause button.

Yin teaches you to really listen in to your own body & it’s needs. This can be very liberating and very healing. Yin meets you ‘where you are’. What this means is – there are no pre-requisites. You just show up and listen in. It’s not how the pose looks, it’s how the pose feels in your body. There are many variations of each pose. Yin accepts all bodies – all ages / all sizes / all abilities. Whether you have a dodgy knee or a sore back – yin can usually accommodate.

You need to experience this to really know what Yin Yoga is all about. After you have experienced it, even just once, you will realize that you have been doing only half of the asana practice.


So, why do I love yin? Yin has taught me how to listen in to what’s going on inside. I know my body better. And there’s no feeling quite like the ‘rebound’ as you slowly and mindfully release from a pose – just being with the sensations in the body brings a great sense of release and a feeling of clarity & wholeness.

Yin at The Yoga Room

Yin classes are currently on pause. If you’d like to be kept up to date, drop me a message.