Nutrition tips & links to help with peri/menopause symptoms

Small changes & shifts in my diet have been key for me in managing menopausal symptoms such as anxiety and hot flushes/night sweats. Tracking my symptoms in a journal has also helped tremendously – and has enabled me to pinpoint certain triggers – caffeine, alcohol, too much spicy food…..

Key supplements have really helped me too – Vitamin D, Magnesium (a sleep game changer!) & Omega 3. I am not a nutritionist though! I just have a big interest in healthy eating / veganism & generally improving mine & my family’s health through what we eat & drink.

The links below are to people who’s advice I have found particularly helpful on my menopause journey. Focusing on topics such as our gut microbiome, the differences between prebiotics and probiotics (and why we need both!) as well as changes we can make in our diet to improve bone health, heart health & brain health.

Links I have found useful:

Emma Ellis Flint

Emma Bardwell

The Fasting MD
I’m so effing tired (book) A proven plan to beat burnout, boost your energy and reclaim your life.

Jackie Lynch
The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish (book)

Dieticians Elizabeth Ward & Hillary Wright
Science based nutrition advice for perimenopause and beyond

Julia Witherspoon
Lots of great information on Peri/menopause health & nutrition

Menopause Yoga at The Yoga Room

I will be offering menopause yoga classes from my home studio as well as at Garnethill Multicultural Centre in the city centre from mid November. Please keep an eye on the socials or email me for up & coming dates. You can read more about menopause yoga here