Yin Yoga & The Chakras

The Language of Yin

Over the next few weeks in our Sunday Yin classes, we will be exploring the chakras. The word ‘chakra’ literally means ‘spinning wheel’. I like to think of the chakras as energy centres – our life force – spanning from the root of the spine to the crown of the head –  with each chakra governing a different aspect of our behaviours, emotions & desires. They’re often described as a roadmap to the energetic knowledge that we store in our subtle body.

We will start with the Muladhara chakra, the first chakra situated at the base of the spine – perfect for this time of year! It is all about supporting, connecting, feeling grounded and stable, defining a strong sense of self & recognising we are enough just as we are.

Yin postures will focus on the lower body & grounding rooted postures.

Forget about trying to look or be ‘better’. Just do your practice and appreciate the fact that you have a form of self management and a set of tools that can help you find a sense of ease and relaxation. And it can bring some healing to the inevitable bumps and scrapes of human existence

Paul Grilley, Yin yoga founder & author of ‘Chakra Theory and Meditation’.

Yin is every Sunday 12-1pm. Option to linger after for a cuppa and a chat. If I get my act together there will also be kombucha! Looking forward to seeing faces old and new.

Louisa xx

BOOKING: Via timetable. Any issues, please email me louisamacyoga@gmail.com or via the form on my website.