Self Compassion

Why do we beat ourselves up over things? Why do we often find it so hard to give ourselves the same kindness and support we’d give to a good friend?

After a challenging year, self-compassion has become so important in my life. I do wonder how it has taken me to well into my 50’s to embrace this, but here I am!

I was recently introduced to the work of Dr Kristen Neff. Do look her up! Her research into self-compassion is life-changing. Her guided practices (on Insight Timer or online) are a great place to start. She offers short ‘Self-Compassion Breaks’ which have really made a difference to my daily life.

Why not try the practice below?

Hand on Heart / Supportive Touch

One easy way to care for and comfort yourself when you’re feeling bad is to give yourself supportive touch. Touch activates the care system and the parasympathetic nervous system to help us calm down and feel safe…. just as a baby responds to being cuddled in its mother’s arms.

Dr Kristin Neff

Try placing your hands on your heart-centre in the centre of your chest, one on top of the other.
Feel the warmth, Feel yourself breathing. Take 2-3 deep breaths. See how you feel.
Research suggests that this simple act soothes the nervous system, releases oxytocin and calms cardiovascular stress. Amazing!